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Actionable Insights 2018 Annual Bootcamp

Beginner course in General with Actionable Insights | Jul 18, 8:00am (PST) | San Diego

You asked for it, now it is our turn to deliver. This is what Actionable Insights has been gearing up for all year.


We are proud to present the first annual Actionable Insights Bootcamp! For three days, the most credible players in our industry come together in San Diego to tackle the obstacles we face. During breakout sessions on each day, Mark Whatley and Seth Harrison will present the highest ranked Mitigation and Repair Insight Sheets that will help your estimates become tighter and cleaner than ever before. Special guests will comb over our Insight Sheets with fine detail as they provide insight developed through their experience and expertise in the relevant fields. Our manufacturing and software sponsors will highlight their equipment and services in the Equipment Corral, giving you an exclusive opportunity to find what best fits your needs as a business. 


The first 50 registrants to this event will automatically be entered into a raffle to win the DBK equipment demonstrated in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f42wJT0e7Sc

Equipment Included:

DBK Drymatic II

2 Drymatic Boost Boxes

Big thanks to Alan James and Jakob Hibbard at DBK for sponsoring this event and giving away over $7000 of their equipment to one lucky winner!

All Access Admission: $750

Includes: Admission on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday

VIP Parking/Validation and Lunch Served Daily 

Location: San Diego

Don't miss the best chance this year to make the most of your business!


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Xactimate Level 3 Training - San Diego

Advanced course in Testprep with Actionable Insights | Dec 06, 8:00pm (PST) | San Diego

We are changing the game when it comes to Xactimate Training. The Actionable Insights Forum has decided to teach only one level at a time. Gone are the days of Level I & II Training, which resulted in packing individuals with 5+ years of experience in with those that may have never actually completed an estimate independently. Alternatively, we are keen to structure training events around individuals with similar experience – thus, creating an environment that is more collaborative and ensures no one is left behind. 

Over a 3 day period, AIF goes next level - we will walk the class through a pre-mitigation and post-mitigation 3D-Scan. It is at that time we will collectively enter in the line items applicable to the given loss. In our view, too much credence and time is given to sketch, and there should be an increased focus on determining what line items most accurately/optimally represent cost and scope as it relates to a given project.

Includes: Xactimate Fundamentals/Proficiency Workbook and a Xactimate Keyboard Shortcuts Mouse Pad (Boom! You had me at the Mouse Pad!). 

Lunch is provided by our sponsors on all three days.

$750 a Ticket

Wed Dec 6th - Fri Dec 8th

8:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Aramsco

7074 Convoy Court

San Diego, CA 92111


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Financial Housekeeping

Beginner class in Business with Michelle Mink by Appointment (1 hour)

For small businesses and start-ups that are "winging it" financially month-to-month. Whether you are going it alone, have partners or manage a payroll we can get your finances in check and create a planning budget to achieve your annual goals. Get a handle on where money is flowing in and out of your business along with ways to improve margin.

Notes: This class includes three sessions of an hour each with no preset intervals. The final session must be completed within 3 months of the first session.


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Learn Aikido Online

Intermediate lesson in Sports with Megan G. | Mon, Wed

Learn a great martial art from a skilled instructor.


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hands-on projects

Beginner course in Engineering with Truong Nguyen by Appointment (1 hour)

The curriculum consists of 3 projects with beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. The student can pick the projects based on their interest and skills. Available projects include:

  • Guitar effect pedal
  • IR whiteboard
  • Binary clock
  • Solar tracker
  • Weather station
  • Robotic arm


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Business Case Dev

All Levels lesson in Business with Michelle Mink by Appointment (1 hour)

Every enterprise, no matter whether a start-up or established icon, should have a living business case. The value isn't in the polished finished document but rather in the journey to create it. Having first-hand knowledge and insight into competitors, customers, new technologies, etc. can provide clarity around how your business fits in the marketplace and recognize opportunities when presented.

This course will guide you through the steps and critical thinking necessary to develop or update your company's business case. You'll be provided a skeleton guide customized for your unique situation with output in the form of summary sections or formal document.


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Digital Signal Processing

Intermediate class in Compsci with Truong Nguyen | Sun @ 8:00 pm

Fundamentals of DSP including LTI system, convolution, DTFT, DFT, FFT, z-transform, linear-phase system, allpass system, system with same order and same magnitude response, filter design.


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MVP Review

Beginner lesson in Entrepreneur with Rick Gessner by Appointment (30 mins.)

You're an entrepreneur with a great idea, but you're looking for validation of your new idea. In this session, we'll do an analysis of your MVP using the "Lean Canvas" as the basis for our review. Based on 25 years of experience as an investor, you'll get instant feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your idea, ways to get to the next level, and suggestions about who to talk to about your investment.


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Intermediate Piano

Intermediate lesson in Music with Pik Wong by Appointment (30 mins.) | Pik's Studio

Find your musical expression!

You understand the basics of piano and your musical understanding has taken root, now let it grow through this intermediate level lessons, you will blossom into an intermediate pianist with more refined technique and higher skill level.


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Beginning Piano

Beginner lesson in Music with Pik Wong by Appointment (30 mins.) | Pik's Studio

First step on your music journey!

Not only does it produce beautiful sounds, piano is fundamental to learning music theory and a great music classroom teaching tool, which teaches the most transferable skills and ultimately equips you to pick up any other instruments more easily.

If you are just beginning to learn how to play piano, take this beginning level lesson and let it sharpens your mind and body!


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Fun piano lessons

Beginner lesson in Music with Tiana Lee by Appointment (30 mins.) | Tiana's place

A fun class where people of any age can learn to play piano! I can work with many styles of piano and will help you achieve any goals you want to achieve.


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Be a confident speaker

Beginner course in Business with Ole Børseth by Appointment (1 hour)
Do you want to learn how to speak with confidence in front of a crowd? Do you want to learn how to engage people and keep their attention?

Do you want to be seen as a confident speaker?

Attend my course:


My course is split up in 4 modules.

Easy to learn. Easy to use:

  1. Overcome your fear of public speaking
  2. Organize your presentation
  3. Sound like the real deal
  4. Look like the real deal

3 techniques proved by science for overcoming fear of public speaking

Setting up your presentation for it to be interesting and engaging from the first word.

Learning how to use your words, voice and tone to keep your audience hooked.

Looking confident by using your hands, facial gestures and body language in a correct manner.


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Conversation in Spanish

Advanced course in Language with ANA SEPULCRE GONZALEZ by Appointment (30 mins.)


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Baby Symphony Music Club

Beginner lesson in Music with Pik Wong by Appointment (45 mins.) | Pik's Studio

By listening, seeing and doing, young children can learn and enjoy music through observation and actual imitation. Baby Symphony offers 6 months to 4 years old children:

- Singing

- Dancing

- Playing simple fun toy instruments and introduction to real instruments

- Exposure to both lovely children songs and popular classical pieces, music theory and practical application


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Available for Piano Substituting

Beginner course in Music with Tiana Lee by Appointment (30 mins.) | At your location

Contact me for discussion about substituting your students! From 1 lesson to whatever you need.


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Carrier Guidelines - San Diego

Beginner course in Personal with Actionable Insights | Oct 25, 5:00pm (PST) | Corporate Alliance

 Actionable Insights is a foundation that exists to preserve the health of the restoration ecosystem and advance globally recognized billing standards.

Our board is comprised of adjusters, specialty contractors and Xactimate ninjas. We all care deeply about this industry - we are the honest brokers - and we believe this is the right thing to do. With industry-wide participation, we can transcend the antiquated attitudes associated with the “we-they” dichotomy that often emerges between adjusters and contractors - doesn’t that sound refreshing! Collectively, we can introduce new line items, reduce cycle times, manage claim cost, make reasonable profits and have some fun in the process!

In short, if contractors are generating sloppy, overpriced Xactimate sheets, then premiums skyrocket and claims processing becomes arduous for all materially interested parties. Alternatively, if carriers are unwilling to reimburse their policyholders for reasonable incurred cost, then financially solvent contractors that are capable to warranty their work become hard to come by - resulting in geographical service gaps, which lead to secondary damage claims; increasing cost and headaches for both the carriers the policyholders.

THESE EVENTS DON’T SUCK, and thanks to our awesome sponsors, they remain free to our active membership. As you can see from the testimonies below, both contractors and adjusters are pumped about what this forum has to offer.  

As a non-profit organization we have the unique ability to function as the restoration industry's honest broker. We suspect that is why we are successful in our placing of adjusters and contractors in the same room. Through this synergy, we are able to determine what line items actually apply to various mitigation or repair estimates.


These events are highly produced and remain free to active membership thanks to our awesome sponsors! As one active member from our San Diego chapter put it,


“As a restoration contractor, you would be crazy not to attend!”

-  Josh Long, EcoPure Restoration


“After being in this business for as long as I have, it is not every day that I learn something new. But every time I have attended one of these events, I leave with a new piece of information (or two) that makes navigating that much easier moving forward. For this, my friends, I thank you.”

- Patricia Bobbs, Review & Consulting



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