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We Value Teaching

Ask a grown up about their school experience, and you'll hear about their favorite teachers. Teachers in grade school, high-school, college, sports, or church. There always seems to be a caring teacher who made a special connection with a student, guided, motivated and ultimately inspired the student to exceed their own expectations.

At Lessonaire, we value these men and women who have inspired us for generations. For the millions of little miracles they perform every year for the sake of making a difference in the lives of others. Not for a big paycheck, or Internet fame. Just because they love teaching, and sharing their own passion for lifelong learning.

We Strive to Make Learning Personal

The web has lots of really good learning sites. We gladly recommend Khan Academy and the Ted Talks. These and other sites do a good job of providing standard learning experiences. If a topic can be boiled down to a recipe or a set of behaviors that don't require mastery -- you're good to go.

But what if you want to improve your golf swing? What if you need direct guidance on how to solve problems in math you're having right now. Or you want to become more flexible, increase strength or learn self-defense? For all these things and so many more, canned videos and course curriculum just won't work. What you need is guidance from a teaching expert who can assess your skills and guide you on your way to mastery.

What you need, is Lessonaire.

We Work For You

If you're a teacher, tutor or coach, you simply can’t afford to rely solely on word-of-mouth to grow. Lessonaire is here to help you market and grow your business. Word of mouth referrals are great! But putting our team to work for you is even better!!

Unlike other tutoring solutions, Lessonaire doesn't try to get between you and your students. Our mission is to help you succeed, no matter what stage of your career you are in. So we've created the best tools available at an affordable price. Tools that work whether you're a new teacher looking for your first students, or an experienced teacher ready to take your personal brand to a professional level and create your own community by generating prestige referrals and reviews.

If you're a parent or student Lessonaire is here to help you find the very best teachers, tutors and coaches who can help you reach your learning goals. We strive to offer the best instructors. For teachers that deliver training in your home, we require up-to-date background checks. And because our services are so affordable, many of our teachers offer their high-quality training at prices lower than you can find elsewhere.

At Lessonaire, we work hard every day to make our experience better for teachers and students. We're in constant pursuit of better ways to offer more value for less -- so that we attract the very best teachers. Most of all, we're listening very carefully to you, so that we can become your favorite place to learn on the Internet.

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