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Good Teachers are Hard to Find

Jul 22, 2016

Somewhere between dumb luck and Providence there lies an app!

I have been training on and off in a very traditional form of martial arts for the past 16 years. I've learned many things in my practice, especially the fact that good teachers are hard to find. This is especially true when you consider something as esoteric as an ancient fighting art. In fact, after just a bit of vested time you soon discover that the schools with all the bells and whistles and crafty marketing are often the most devoid of substance and depth.

Why is this the case? Well, in my estimation, it's typically because great martial artists are too busy perfecting their art to try to promote themselves to the general public or even learn ways in which they could go about doing it. I certainly don't think this is limited to martial arts either. Splendid musicians, mathematicians, artists, and artisans of every ilk most assuredly pour their all into their art, neglecting the need to publicize themselves to their prospective proteges.

The problem arises, however, when us average Joes get the itch to start learning from one of these maestros of skill. There simply has not existed a streamlined way for students to connect with phenomenal instructors to learn from them... until now, that is!

In my journey, I'm not sure if it was dumb luck or providence that introduced me to my world-class instructors which fueled a passion for the art in me, but luckily for you, it doesn't have to be that nebulous anymore. Lessonaire bridges the gap between good teachers and would-be students in 3 poignant ways:

  1. We simplify the logistical side of things for teachers (scheduling/billing/etc.) so they can focus more on their teaching.
  2. We surround the teacher with informative metrics that lead to personal and business growth.
  3. We provide an organic process by which great teachers rise above the noise simply by doing what they do best. As they teach and receive reviews from students, their popularity will grow and they will become exposed to even more students.

The bottom line is that with Lessonaire, everybody wins! So what are you waiting for? Get started teaching and/or learning today!

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