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Jul 14, 2016

Connecting students and tutors

I have been teaching for 27 years at several top universities and have met thousands of students. One common factor is that college curriculum is very demanding, so it is important for students to get one-on-one help as soon as they have questions to get clarification. Although many students rely on Piazza for help from faculty, teaching assistants, tutors, and peers, the help is limited to online question-and-answer format. It is a challenge to receive personalized help on Piazza. Most departments have organized tutor centers and networks, so students can get one-on-one help. These tutoring sessions have limited hours and are often filled, which limits one-on-one interaction.

Students that need more one-on-one time with a tutor typically have to contact them individually. Furthermore, the tutor who is available for one-on-one help sessions is often faced with inefficient email communication and scheduling. The Lessonaire platform is designed to connect tutors and students seamlessly, while allowing tutors to efficiently manage their own tutor networks. We are excited to launch our Beta version soon!

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