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Teaching as a Business

Jul 29, 2016

Do what you love and succeed at it. Time to say no to being average, work smarter, and find a system that works for you. Embrace your passion!

I still consider myself young, but I have been a piano teacher for the past 20 years. I remember how I struggled to get new students when I first started my career. I used to have to wait for students to knock on my door or word-of-mouth referrals to bring students my way. Unfortunately, it’s still the same story for most young teachers today.

At times, I felt that as long as a few students came my way, I ought to be content with my lot in life, but I no longer think that way. We, as teachers, can be proactive and make things happen for ourselves. The new horizons technology has opened promise exciting opportunities for any instructor willing to seize them. That was the vision that bred Lessonaire.

What many teachers neglect to consider is that teaching is not only something done out of love, but it is also a business. When we establish workflows for ourselves that we think are good enough just because they work, we might be surprised to learn that our students may not satisfied. It’s not good enough to think that our system of getting things done is okay while we are consistently failing to meet our student’s expectations. Keep up with the times is important, especially when students nowadays take advantage of the latest technologies and social media. That’s where Lessonaire steps in.

Lessonaire provides a platform to give you a lift. You can charge students whatever you think is a fair price and work according to your own style. Unlike other products, we believe you don’t need a middleman to tell you your worth or how to get things done. We try to get out of your way as much as possible so that you can foster that crucial relationship with your student. We simply expose good quality teachers to a world of students hungry to learn, and we give you a great set of tools to accomplish your goals.

So get started and surround yourself with useful tools, build a network with other professionals, and transform yourself from a teacher into a distinguished brand.

It’s all about you and your students!

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