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Be a confident speaker

Beginner course in Business with Ole Børseth by Appointment (1 hour)
Do you want to learn how to speak with confidence in front of a crowd? Do you want to learn how to engage people and keep their attention?

Do you want to be seen as a confident speaker?

Attend my course:


My course is split up in 4 modules.

Easy to learn. Easy to use:

  1. Overcome your fear of public speaking
  2. Organize your presentation
  3. Sound like the real deal
  4. Look like the real deal

3 techniques proved by science for overcoming fear of public speaking

Setting up your presentation for it to be interesting and engaging from the first word.

Learning how to use your words, voice and tone to keep your audience hooked.

Looking confident by using your hands, facial gestures and body language in a correct manner.


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Business Case Dev

All Levels lesson in Business with Michelle Mink by Appointment (1 hour)

Every enterprise, no matter whether a start-up or established icon, should have a living business case. The value isn't in the polished finished document but rather in the journey to create it. Having first-hand knowledge and insight into competitors, customers, new technologies, etc. can provide clarity around how your business fits in the marketplace and recognize opportunities when presented.

This course will guide you through the steps and critical thinking necessary to develop or update your company's business case. You'll be provided a skeleton guide customized for your unique situation with output in the form of summary sections or formal document.


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Financial Housekeeping

Beginner class in Business with Michelle Mink by Appointment (1 hour)

For small businesses and start-ups that are "winging it" financially month-to-month. Whether you are going it alone, have partners or manage a payroll we can get your finances in check and create a planning budget to achieve your annual goals. Get a handle on where money is flowing in and out of your business along with ways to improve margin.

Notes: This class includes three sessions of an hour each with no preset intervals. The final session must be completed within 3 months of the first session.


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