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UX Boot Camp for Agile Development

Beginner event in Design with Sean Van Tyne | May 19, 8:00am (PST) | Rady School of Mgmt., UCSD

UX Boot Camps for Agile Development is an one-day intensive hands-on course for lean and agile product managers, designers, and developers that want to learn how to integrate the right amount of just-in-time UX processes to meet your business objective and to deliver the optimal experience to your customers that create long-term sustainable market and revenue growth. At the boot camp you will learn:

  • How to create an Agile UX strategy for your organization
  • How to develop Agile UX user stories
  • Learn guerilla Usability methods and technique
  • Get hands-on experience creating Agile personas and wireframes

You will get a copy of Easy to Use, a workbook with all the presentation and exercises and a certificate for completing the boot camp. Campus parking pass, continental breakfast, a light lunch and an afternoon snack is also included.

8am – 9am Registration, Breakfast and Networking

9am – 4pm Interactive discussions and workshops with a lovely view of the Pacific Ocean


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