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Carrier Guidelines - San Diego

Beginner course in Personal with Actionable Insights | Oct 25, 5:00pm (PST) | Corporate Alliance

 Actionable Insights is a foundation that exists to preserve the health of the restoration ecosystem and advance globally recognized billing standards.

Our board is comprised of adjusters, specialty contractors and Xactimate ninjas. We all care deeply about this industry - we are the honest brokers - and we believe this is the right thing to do. With industry-wide participation, we can transcend the antiquated attitudes associated with the “we-they” dichotomy that often emerges between adjusters and contractors - doesn’t that sound refreshing! Collectively, we can introduce new line items, reduce cycle times, manage claim cost, make reasonable profits and have some fun in the process!

In short, if contractors are generating sloppy, overpriced Xactimate sheets, then premiums skyrocket and claims processing becomes arduous for all materially interested parties. Alternatively, if carriers are unwilling to reimburse their policyholders for reasonable incurred cost, then financially solvent contractors that are capable to warranty their work become hard to come by - resulting in geographical service gaps, which lead to secondary damage claims; increasing cost and headaches for both the carriers the policyholders.

THESE EVENTS DON’T SUCK, and thanks to our awesome sponsors, they remain free to our active membership. As you can see from the testimonies below, both contractors and adjusters are pumped about what this forum has to offer.  

As a non-profit organization we have the unique ability to function as the restoration industry's honest broker. We suspect that is why we are successful in our placing of adjusters and contractors in the same room. Through this synergy, we are able to determine what line items actually apply to various mitigation or repair estimates.


These events are highly produced and remain free to active membership thanks to our awesome sponsors! As one active member from our San Diego chapter put it,


“As a restoration contractor, you would be crazy not to attend!”

-  Josh Long, EcoPure Restoration


“After being in this business for as long as I have, it is not every day that I learn something new. But every time I have attended one of these events, I leave with a new piece of information (or two) that makes navigating that much easier moving forward. For this, my friends, I thank you.”

- Patricia Bobbs, Review & Consulting



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