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Do you want to learn how to speak with confidence in front of a crowd? Do you want to learn how to engage people and keep their attention?

Do you want to be seen as a confident speaker?

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My course is split up in 4 modules.

Easy to learn. Easy to use:

  1. Overcome your fear of public speaking
  2. Organize your presentation
  3. Sound like the real deal
  4. Look like the real deal

3 techniques proved by science for overcoming fear of public speaking

Setting up your presentation for it to be interesting and engaging from the first word.

Learning how to use your words, voice and tone to keep your audience hooked.

Looking confident by using your hands, facial gestures and body language in a correct manner.

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Ole Børseth

Hamburg AL

Now I am a confident and hardworking Norwegian, when I was 19 not so much.
Here is my story:

One day in November, I agreed to hold a speech in front of 250-300 people. I was so nervous from the day I said yes to the day I would hold the speech, that I almost couldn't sleep. I studied, practiced and honed my skills until I felt I had control. When the day came, I still felt nervous, and when the announcer said my name I felt my hands starting to sweat and my knees starting to feel like jelly.

I went up to the podium, started to talk, and then - 30 seconds in - I choked. I stood in front of all those people in what felt like an eternity, before I had to walk down from there again.

After this, I promised myself that this would never happen again - and that I would help others so they wouldn't be in my situation.

When doing my bachelor in Business Management, I also worked as a substitute teacher in secondary schools in Norway. I also managed to land a job in the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic and Confederation of Sports as a Public Speaker. With the training and experience I gathered from my studies and jobs, I have now used to start working on my own as a Public Speaking Coach.

If you want to know more, please check out: www.oleborseth.com

Best regards,

Ole Børseth

2015 — Bachelor Business Management

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