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Every enterprise, no matter whether a start-up or established icon, should have a living business case. The value isn't in the polished finished document but rather in the journey to create it. Having first-hand knowledge and insight into competitors, customers, new technologies, etc. can provide clarity around how your business fits in the marketplace and recognize opportunities when presented.

This course will guide you through the steps and critical thinking necessary to develop or update your company's business case. You'll be provided a skeleton guide customized for your unique situation with output in the form of summary sections or formal document.

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Michelle Mink

San Diego CA

My career has been spent in marketing and product management (in addition to starting several of my own businesses), which means I have a good understanding of all the moving parts needed to come together when delivering a product to the marketplace. This covers a wide swath of issues including legal, regulatory, vendors, suppliers, distributors, sales, advertising, billing, customer support, purchasing, user experience, warranties, and more. Half the battle is figuring out what needs to be done before a product or service is ever introduced to the customer. I provide consulting services and resources for people that want to turn their ideas into a business or explore new ways to grow their business.

Earning a MS degree from the University of Colorado provided a great base from which to launch my career, but more valuable is the PhD wretched from the cold hands of the school of hard knocks. If I didn't learn from failure then the risk wasn't worth it. Don't get me wrong, succeeding is great but it's the variety of experiences that provides the best education.

-0001 — BS in Business Management University of North Carolina, Wilmington
-0001 — MS in Telecommunications University of Colorado, Boulder

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