Our Features Are Set To Stun

Creating Courses is Fast AND Flexible

It's Easier Than You Think!

Every teacher, coach, and tutor is unique -- so Lessonaire offers a variety of course types, scheduling, and pricing options to meet your needs.

Choose Class Type

Lessonaire knows that your classes can be as varied as your students. With Lessonaire you can create everything from private, one-on-one classes to very large seminars and events.

Choose Your Meeting Time(s)

Some classes meet by appointment only. Others have a pre-determined meeting time(s), or meet on a recurring basis. Regardless of your situation, Lessonaire lets you setup meeting times to suit your needs.

Choose Meeting Location(s)

Lessonaire supports classes that are taught remotely (via phone, Facetime, Skype, etc.), in the home of the student, or at a classroom location specified by the teacher.

Specify Pricing Options

Our pricing tool is flexible enough to support your needs. You can offer free and paid classes, gift cards, package rates, subscriptions, and limited time promotional prices.

Publish Your Course

You control course content, meeting place and time, pricing, and discounts. You even get to choose when your course is available for new student registrations.

Schedule Like A Pro

We've packed powerful scheduling features into Lessonaire. Set your calendar so students can schedule and make changes online without the frustration of back and forth phone calls and emails. Students can sign-up for a class or event, single individual session, recurring one-on-one lesson, or package of classes. You decide what types of classes to offer and set unique corresponding pricing options. It takes as little as 5 minutes to create and publish a course!

Yeah, We Do Subscriptions Too

For teachers with advanced requirements, Lessonaire now supports subscriptions too. Teachers can easily track students per class, attendance, and subscription status. We automatically notify students when it's time to renew their subscription. So cool, right?

Discover What Works For You

Great teachers know that tracking your progress is fundamental to student mastery of any subject. Lessonaire helps teachers, coaches, and trainers track their progress through an innovative analytics dashboard.

Lessonaire automatically tracks course visitors, registrations, attendance, and other key metrics to keep you informed and help discover new opportunities.

Get Paid On Time With Our Secure Payment System

Collecting payments from students has always been an ad-hoc affair. Not anymore. Lessonaire makes the process safe, fast and totally secure. We've partnered with Stripe (a Paypal Company) -- the industry leader in secure online payments. In fact, we never see (or store) credit card information.

Any student signing up for your classes will pay with a credit card which is processed through a secure SSL transaction. You get paid like clockwork less our service fee. That adds up to one less headache for you to deal with, and no merchant account to manage.

Easily Connect With Customers

Use your dashboard to communicate with students, those paying for classes, and potential new clients. You can send emails directly to individuals, classes, groups, or all of your clients using the messaging tool. A teaching blog is available for you to promote your classes and share your insights. To help you with support, the dashboard provides individual student tracking and scheduling, automated reminders, payment management, and much more.

Let Us Be Your Partner In Success

We want to help every instructor succeed by providing cutting edge tools, detailed data, and excellent customer support. Lessonaire was created to support the community of dedicated instructors that are devoted to inspiring and educating others. By creating a virtual business assistant, it frees up tutors, teachers, and coaches to focus on student experience and achievement. We are constantly gathering feedback and general usage data to improve Lessonaire and better meet the needs of all users.