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Ole Børseth

Ole Børseth

Hamburg AL

Now I am a confident and hardworking Norwegian, when I was 19 not so much.
Here is my story:

One day in November, I agreed to hold a speech in front of 250-300 people. I was so nervous from the day I said yes to the day I would hold the speech, that I almost couldn't sleep. I studied, practiced and honed my skills until I felt I had control. When the day came, I still felt nervous, and when the announcer said my name I felt my hands starting to sweat and my knees starting to feel like jelly.

I went up to the podium, started to talk, and then - 30 seconds in - I choked. I stood in front of all those people in what felt like an eternity, before I had to walk down from there again.

After this, I promised myself that this would never happen again - and that I would help others so they wouldn't be in my situation.

When doing my bachelor in Business Management, I also worked as a substitute teacher in secondary schools in Norway. I also managed to land a job in the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic and Confederation of Sports as a Public Speaker. With the training and experience I gathered from my studies and jobs, I have now used to start working on my own as a Public Speaking Coach.

If you want to know more, please check out: www.oleborseth.com

Best regards,

Ole Børseth

Bachelor — Business Management

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