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Pik Wong

Pik Wong

San Diego CA
Pik is a classically educated and trained private piano teacher for beginning to advanced students. She believes playing the piano is more than just taking lessons. Not only should students love the music they learn and enjoy what they perform, they will also develop greater confidence and a desire for musical excellence.

Pik has been teaching for twenty years. She aims to continue sharing her experience and exploring the joy and love of music with her students.

Pik also offers to prepare students the opportunity to take the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) Piano Exams in both English and Chinese.

Music Performance and Instrumental Teaching —
Piano certified, Board of the Royal Schools of Music —

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Piano in Music
Piano in Music
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Piano in Music
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Piano in Music

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Liang - San Diego — Jul 29, 2016
My son Jared has been with Pik for the past seven years. Pik is a great piano teacher with love and passion for teaching piano. Jared has improved his piano skills tremendously. It is easy to communicate and schedule a time for lesson. If anyone is looking for a piano instructor, I highly recommend Pik Wong
Tiana Lee - San Diego — Jul 29, 2016
Ms. Pik is a great teacher, not only does she have plenty of knowledge for piano but she has a caring compassion like no other. She teaches piano in a way that is enjoyable and fun. She's very patient, but always pushes you to your best. I've been with her for 10 years and she's my favorite out of my whole 12 years in piano.
HWJ - San Diego — Jul 29, 2016
My children have been taking lessons with Pik for a few years. Pik has been wonderful and open to all communication, we appreciate how flexible she is with scheduling.
Lisa Clifner - San Diego — Jul 29, 2016
Pik has been our daughter's piano teacher for 8 years and we are so glad we found her. Pik is caring and gentle, yet knows how to push my daughter to do her best. For example, Pik organizes student recitals, so that even though she is a solo teacher, we get to experience student recitals that are similar to those put on by larger musical organizations. My daughter has developed confidence and poise from these performances. Pik knows how to teach music theory, as well as how to play a variety of pieces. She is a great communicator, so that I always know when to expect her, and what my daughter needs to work on for the next lesson. Pik is very professional and is someone who I feel comfortable inviting into my home on a weekly basis.
Peter and Josie Flores - San Diego — Jul 29, 2016
Ms Pik Wong was referred to us by a family friend. We heard nothing but good words about her. Our son started when he was 6 years old so we were picky when it comes to his first piano lesson. With his age, he was hard to sit still. For him, 30 minutes takes forever but Pik was so patient with him and makes sure that he learn in his own pace and makes his piano lessons interesting. Our son really likes her and looks forward to his weekly lessons. He has been to the Annual Piano Recitals twice and has even joined his school's Talent Show which helped him overcome shyness and improved his self confidence. Even though we live 20 minutes away and our round trip takes longer than his lesson, it is so worth it. We have recommended her to family and friends. She is an amazing and talented piano teacher.
Susan - San Diego — Jul 29, 2016
Ms. Pik is very helpful and nice. She's a very fun and patient teacher. She makes sure her students are having fun with their lesson and music choices. My children enjoy taking piano lessons with Ms. Pik.
Karen Hullfish - San Diego — Jul 29, 2016
Ms. Pik Wong has been my son's piano teacher since 2007 and has become an integral part of his education and self expression. Her consistently patient demeanor coupled with her keen ear and sensitivity to her students is evident to all. It is her kindness, creativity and gentle correction that have kept my son engaged and motivated to continue his musical education journey with her through the years. I have enthusiasticaly recommended her to my friends and neighbors and will continue to do so in the future
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