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Rick Gessner

Rick Gessner

San Diego CA

Rick is a serial entrepreneur, having founded several successful startups that build incredibly popular products.  Rick has been practicing martial arts (Goju Ryu Karate and Aikido) for many years, and holds multiple Black Belts. 

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Joel Sperlock — Jul 29, 2016
My kids just love learning from Rick
Scott Savage - San Diego — Dec 02, 2016
I came into this class without experience and not knowing what to expect. Rick taught us how to harness the great strength we did not know we had, both physically and mentally, how to be centered, flexible, and healthy. I learned how to best avoid being found in compromising situations, but if necessary how best to prevent becoming a victim and how to free myself quickly and escape. The class was not only extremely educational for self defense but it was fun and I learned how to live a more healthy and confident life. Thank you Rick!
Joanne Y. - San Diego — Dec 08, 2016
I've always wanted to have some formal self-defense training and jumped on the opportunity to learn from Rick as I know how talented he is. Rick and the class exceeded my expectations from all sides of the meaning and purpose of self-defense. I look forward to learning more from Rick and continuing my practice.
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