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These Are Our Core Values

  • Teaching Matters

    We honor the men and women who have inspired us for generations. For the millions of little miracles they perform every year for the sake of making a difference in the lives of others. Not for a big paycheck, or Internet fame. Just because they love teaching, and for sharing their passion for learning.

  • Never Stop Learning

    Inspired by our teachers, we strive to continue learn and grow throughout our lives. In fact, we built Lessonaire to be the safe learning place we dreamed of growing up. We're not just responsible for creating this corner of the web, we're also avid consumers of learning. So we're just as excited as you are when some really awesome new teacher shows up to share something relevant and wonderful. We're just like you.

  • It's Personal

    We take every relationship with our teachers and students personally. It matters to us when you had a great experience, or not. Your wants and needs matter to us, and guide us in all our decisions. Your hopes and ambitions matter to us, as we seek to help you achieve them. Some may see us as merely another internet site. But to us -- we see each of you as a chance to make the world a slightly better place.

  • People, Not Profit

    Ok - sure, we'd like our little business to grow and pay our rent. But at the start and end of every day, it's not how much money we made that excites us. It's how many people we helped to find their way in the world, just a little better. And it's about building lasting relationships with our fellow learners, at a place where it's safe to learn and grow.

  • Simplicity

    Simple things take less time. They reduce frustration and leave you feeling happier. Simplicity drives us to focus on what's important, timely, necessary - and leave the rest out. Simplicity shows our customers how much we care. Focusing on simple things leads us finding our own joy as we work to deliver a better experience for our customers. Simple says, "We care".

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